Thursten Dunlenning

Once the tutor of Crown Prince Kiren Osenil, Thursten Dunlenning, a native of Palisade Head, has become an exile from his own birthplace.

Dunlenning bore witness to the assassination of Osenil, but was curiously spared by the murderers. Since the downfall of Mirrenwald, the tutor has wandered northern Osseros, writing letters condemning the greed of Mirrenwald’s nobility and the foreign powers that became embroiled in the 20-Years War. A handful of those letters were published and widely read among the commoners of Mirrenwald. Dunlenning’s critical remarks earned him the enmity of several nations, and he frequently travels under a disguise and assumed name to avoid imprisonment or execution.

Dunlenning, an old man who wears half-moon bifocals crafted by the gnomes of Cadisa, dreams of a day that Mirrenwald can be reunited under a new king. His passionate writing has stirred the hearts of many of Mirrenwald’s most downtrodden citizens.

Dunlenning, a native of Culhaven, was trained at the university of D’jamena. After the death of his wife, Niniel, during an unsuccessful labor, he took on Kiren like his own son, and would frequently travel to the cities of Mirrenwald with the boy to show Kiren the lives that locals lived under his father.

Dunlenning is a frail, but insightful old man. In addition to his spectacles, he has speckled black and white hair, a grey goatee and thick eyebrows.

Thursten Dunlenning

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