The Cylinder

A group of adventurers raiding a mercenary’s tower in Mirrenwald came across this mysterious silver object at the tail end of the 20-Years War.

Magically enchanted, the item is one of several secure message containers made and used by the Osenil dynasty in Mirrenwald to transmit important information without risking capture by foreign agents.

The cylinder can only be opened by casting a daylight spell on the item at the break of dawn. On the front of the item is the Osenil dynasty emblem—many hands grasping a single sword, with a rising sun in the background of the image.

This particular cylinder contained a riddle on a piece of vellum:

What is now shattered can be remade,
and the lines that were drawn may finally fade.

Amid the bones of an ancient age,
Marked by slavery, pain and rage
A single flower has bloomed anew
To bring hope to believers, tested and true.

That flower you seek
lies where sand, sun and glass meet.
But step lightly here, old gears still turn
And the unwary traveler may easily burn.

The Cylinder

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