“The nights are bitter cold in the High Desert, and at times it seems as though the wind itself is alive, a wild animal tearing at our cloaks and hoods as it races across these steppes. But this trip will be worth it. For nine nights I have dreamed of the green spires of Iskandar, standing silent in the desert, untouched for a thousand years. Who knows what riches we will find in the ruins?”

-The Forbidden Journal of Khar al’Makri, final entry

One of the great cities of fallen Tenelas, Iskandar stands alone on a high, desolate plateau in the High Desert of Harazeen. By most archaelogists’ estimates, the city is more than 2,000 years old, and many of its outlying buildings have been buried by stand or have fallen into disrepair.

Oddly, a portion of the city center, no more than a few city blocks wide, has been perfectly preserved. The few foreign archaeologists allowed to visit the site have speculated that some kind of powerful magic emanating from beneath the city protects that portion of the ruins. No one has been able to confirm the theory, largely because Talay authorities will not allow visitors into the extensive tunnel network underneath Iskandar.


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