Broken Nations

Part 3

After Pall-Bar’s run in with the mysterious woman inquiring about the sealed container, the group decided it best to head to Palisade Head. After an uneventful four day journey by foot, they approached the out walls of the city. Pall-Bar had told them about a shop he used to run in the city, but that he had not been back for over five years, and wasn’t very optimistic of it still being in pristine condition. Ugagn was wary of entering the city with Daukua as well, shying away from the thought of being noticed. Daukua garnished some robes to try to hide his glistening armor from onlookers, as he too felt it best to not attract attention until they had a little more time to assess the situation.

Upon approaching the gate the disinterested guard at the front gate asked them what their business was here. Pall-Bar informed him that he had a shop in the city limits and was returning from a long journey with some bodyguards. The guard eyed Daukua, noting his large stature being quite enough for protection, while Ugagn blurted out “You can never be too dangerous while traveling.” The guard somehow let that one slide and let them enter after a 5g entrance fee.

Pall-Bar led them to his shop, where upon arriving found it to be, while still standing, completely ransacked of anything valuable. The windows had been broken in, and a thick layer of dust had settled upon everything. Pall-Bar led them to the back of the store where he revealed a secret door, hiding another secret door which led to the upstairs. The passage was much too small for Daukua to fit without removing his armor, so he stayed downstairs while Pall-Bar and Ugagn went up. Upstairs was his old personal quarters, and it looked as if it had been undisturbed; the thieves hadn’t figured out how to access the upstairs.

They decided to go and check out the city and shops around there. Before leaving, Ugagn made sure to sweep up enough to hide any tracks they had to the secret door, and to leave glass shards around the floor of the window for a make shift alarm system if anyone tried to break in while they were there. Daukua headed down the street the a large armory store called the White Knuckle. Upon entering he was greeted by a half-elf woman named Kaliah, who inquired what sort of goods he was seeking. Daukua was most interested in Bastard Swords, especially those of the magical sort. She told him they had a special back room for those, and that her husband Eldren could bring him back there. Moments later, an older gentleman in a wheel chair but arms of an ox came rolling out, and brought him back. The room had many wonderful magic swords and weaponry, but unfortunately was still a bit out of the price range of what Daukua had to spend. He thanked Eldren for his time and assured him that he would return in due time to upgrade his wares.

Soon enough Pall-Bar, Ugagn, and Daukua found themselves in a peculiar shop run by a gnome named Menchant. The shop was filled with various odds and ends, many of which were of the magical sort. The group inquired upon Menchant’s spellcraft abilities in relation to opening the canister. Menchant said he would have to see it to know what he might be able to do, so the group decided to meet back at his shop at 7:30 sharp.

Heading back down the street Daukua came across a religious raiment’s shop. He entered, offering blessings of Alessa to all, and wondering what goods they had towards the praise and glory of Alessa. The store clerk showed him some prayer robes used by the priests of Alessa, and Daukua purchased them without hesitation. He donned the garments and headed to the Temple of Alessa down to road for prayer and devotion. The temple was a bit run down, and not in the pristine condition that Daukua would of wanted for his Goddess. Nevertheless he was happy a sanctuary was available in town. Upon entering the temple he was greeted by a priest of Alessa who inquired about Daukua’s servitude to Alessa, who informed the priest that he was a Paladin of her, and here to pray for a bit.

While praying, the sudden overwelling desire to stand up and give a sermon swept over Daukua. Without hesitation he stood up to the podium, and what followed was simply mesmerizing. His words washed over all of the priests in the temple. They enlightened, inspired, and gave everyone who heard them a new outlook on life. No one who heard that sermon would ever be the same again. When the sermon finally came to an end, everyone there stood up and cheered for Daukua. The priests were so moved, that Daukua was invited back to give the same sermon the next morning at the 9am service. He happily accepted.

Pall-Bar and Ugagn were checking out some of the city shops and taverns durning all of this, and Yivellor had found his way to Pall-Bar’s old shop. Yivellor noticed the dismal state the place was in and decided to clean up some more. During this Daukua returned, saw Yivellor cleaning, and let him continue. Soon enough Pall-Bar and Ugagn returned. The group filled Yivellor in on bringing the canister to Menchant’s shop to have him look at it, and then all headed there promptly at 7:30.

The group arrived at Menchant’s, and showed him the canister after Daukua had to do some aggressive persuasion upon Pall-Bar to reveal it. Upon examination of the canister, Menchant was able to reveal that the canister was sealed by a powerful good spell, and that without the correct method of opening it, would destroy whatever was contained inside. He also was able to decipher that there was an evil tracking spell on the canister, placed with some sort of scrying magic, and had been put on the canister some time after the good spell had sealed it. Menchant told the group that he potentially had a way to open the canister without triggering the spell, and they agreed to pay him to have him try. He failed.

The group returned to Pall-Bar’s abandoned shop disappointed. But as they approached the building, they noticed a man waiting for them inside.

Wary, the party entered with weapons drawn. But the man, an elderly human wearing a dark robe, held up his hands in peace.

“I mean you no harm,” he told the skeptical party. Then he told them an outrageous tale.

The elderly man introduced himself as Thursten Dunlenning, former tutor to the slain prince Kiren Osenil. Dunlenning, it seems, had been following the party ever since their skirmish at the wizard’s tower some days ago. Dunlenning told the party he was on a mission to reunite the Broken Nations and believes the cylinder the party carries contains an important message from the dying days of the Osenil dynasty. He is surprised to hear of the group’s encounter with the dark-haired girl in Refugee Woods, and surmises that another person or group must be seeking the cylinder for its own purposes.

Although Dunlenning doesn’t know how to open the cylinder, he does have a friend living in the Undercity who may. The party evaluates Dunlenning’s story, and eventually decides to follow the man underground. He leads them to Jakaj Farland, a renowned tinkerer, locksmith and informant, who immediately recognizes the device as a Osenil message cylinder and, after a small fee, tells the party how to open it.

The cylinder, he explains, can only be opened when someone casts the spell daylight on the cylinder at the break of dawn.

The group members also learned that Jakaj creates forged passes to the Inner City, and several of the party members, including Daukua, purchased the forgeries, which would be complete and ready for pick-up the next day.

The group decided to head back to Pall-Bar’s shop to rest until the morning, but en route, the group’s sharper members noticed some peculiar shadows along the walls. Without warning, four shadows jumped off the wall and headed straight towards our heroes. Daukua charged forward to confront the enemy, while Ugagn readied his bow and shot at the shadows. Yivellor snuck around to the side to give himself a flanking position, and started playing a song to boost moral. Pall-Bar cast illusion spells, decorating the battlefield in glitter and wonder.

Viciously they fought. These shadows had some unearthly magic to their strikes, and soon Daukua found himself sapped of much of his strength and life essence. It was as if he was withering before their eyes from the massive Dragonborn he was into a frail mis-colored human. They managed to vanquish two of the shadows before Daukua had to step back to try and recoup.

At that moment, a pair of pale men leapt out of the shadows and attacked our heroes! Someone did not like what they were up to, and wanted them stopped at all costs. Yivellor was able to defeat one with a mighty stab to the back, and all the while Ugagn’s arrows pierced through the battle, striking foe after foe. The shadows took notice of this and attacked Ugagn with their strength sapping swings, and withered him to the point of skin on bone. It was a terribly ugly sight.

Pall-Bar’s spells dazed and confused the enemies, and Yivellor and Daukua were able to stab and bash the last remaining shadows and men till our heroes were the only ones left standing, Ugagn barely so. The group knew they were in trouble and that someone was out to kill them for what they possessed. The morning could not come soon enough.


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