Broken Nations

Memoirs of a thief

Our tale resumes with our party at five corners in Palisade Head. Ugagn and Yivellor discussed their plan of action. They had opened the container and read the riddle inside. None of them had any clue how to interpret it. In their indecision, they opted to go back to Jakaj’s shop to pick up the counterfeit passes they paid for to enter the inner city.
Thursten led them to the Underground and back to The Key to Success. They moved slowly to avert any ambush as they had experienced quite an active last several days. When they reached the door, Ugagn inspected it for traps. He spent some time examining the door until Yivellor found that the door was indeed unlocked. They entered the room to find a grisly scene; Jakaj sprawled in the middle of the room with blood everywhere. He was dead. They spent time searching the room. Yivellor found a sack full of different colored gems. Ugagn narrowly avoided disaster as he sprung a trap on a container, but luckily avoided the burst that followed. In it, he found an interesting looking dagger.
The party then left the scene and headed up to an inn around the Arena in Palisade Head. There they ate breakfast and relaxed. During their breakfast, the party talked about their next move. They decided that there really was little that they needed within the inner wall. They decided that they would journey to Radamyn’s Library and try to solve the riddle. After they had supped, the party decided to go shopping. They entered a magicians shop and Ugagn approached the two shop-keeps to identify his new dagger. They found it to be a Dagger of Entry. During their time in the shop, Ugagn spotted the object of his desire, a bag of holding. He asked to see it and soon left the shop. Not before he mentioned the container to the shop-keeps though in an attempt to sell it. The shop-keeps told them though that anything with the Osenil symbol had been declared illegal in Pallisade Head. They said that the party was quite lucky as if they had brought this up at another shop, they may have been arrested. They requested the party leave their shop at once. Once outside, Ugagn asked Yivellor if he would have interest in obtaining this bag of holding.. Yivellor and Thurston expressed their reservations. Thurston was very vocal in his opposition to robbing the shop. Ugagn stated that obtaining this would improve the party, so he really didn’t see what their problem was. As they hadn’t gotten much sleep in the last few days, Ugagn suggested they return to the inn, get a room and start out to Radamyn’s Library the next day. Ugagn suggested that if he saw an opportunity, he would possibly act on it. He said he would take care to not endanger the party if doing so.
They all went back to the inn and obtained several rooms. While the others slept, Yivellor stayed in the common room. He decided to not play his lyre today. As night fell, Ugagn awoke and left the room. He gave Yivellor the riddle in case he ran into trouble. Yivellor used this time to encode the riddle into his journal, taking care to make it difficult for anyone but him to put it together. Ugagn went to case the magicians shop. He waited outside the front door until they closed shop and dark fell. He hadn’t seen the owners leave, but realized they must have a back door they departed from. He approached the door. There was a moment when he felt like abandoning this escapade, but either foolishness, courage or possibly just greed took over. He examined the door but didn’t find any traps, just a lock. He opened the lock using the spell ‘Knock’ from his new dagger. Once open he cast ‘Find traps’ from his dagger. He found a pressure plate was immediately inside the door, but easily avoidable. He avoided the trap and stepped inside. He didn’t find any other traps and so approached the case the bag was in. It was rather high, so he took a potion of jump and tried the lock. It didn’t open. He heard whispers right outside the door. He had forgotten to shut the door! Two men outside were debating whether to go inside or to alert authorities. They decided to go inside. Ugagn used his ability as a Whisper Gnome to create ‘Ghost sounds’. An eerie voice spoke at the entrance of the shop. It said, “If you step foot in my shop, I will haunt you forever.” The two men looked at each other and ran off without a word. Ugagn crept over to the door, avoiding the pressure plate again, and closed it. He then went to the case and still detecting no traps tried to open it. After several tries he opened the case. As he reached to grab the bag, an indescribable and unstoppable fear came over him. He immediately ran out of the shop, luckily avoiding the pressure plate that he took no heed of. It was good he did as if he had stepped on the plate, he would have been paralyzed and arrested once found. He ran back to the inn and made no further comment on the matter.
After the party had rested, Daukua finally arose from what had almost been a walking slumber. No doubt exhausted from the day before. They went to the outside of the city and purchased horses and ponies. Pall-Bar and Ugagn rode a pony (whom they named ‘Horse’), Thurston rode a pony, Yivellor rode a small horse and Daukua obtained quite a specimen of a war-horse. Daukua’s horse took an immediate affinity towards him and they appeared to have an interesting, somewhat disgusting attraction to each other..
It took several weeks to reach the forest where Radamyn’s Library was supposed to be. They ran into little challenge on the way and kept their store replenished through hunting and gathering. Once they reached the forest, Yivellor and Ugagn decided to search through the woods for this library. Ugagn took the right side of the forest and Yivellor the left. Unbeknownst to them Daukua also decided to search the forest and strode right down the center. The forest was too thick for a horse to travel through, but possibly could fit a pony. All the steeds were left with Pall-Bar and Thurston except for Yivellor who took his small horse with.
Ugagn, Yivellor and Daukua went their different directions into the forest. They all separately noticed that the deeper they went into the woods, the more animals followed them. Ugagn bowed to the animals and told them he meant no harm. He received no response. Daukua made some proud statement to the animals whom stared back without response. Yivellor spoke in bird and animal language and received response. They animals said he needed to go deeper in the woods, but didn’t have any clear direction on what he should do and what he would find.
Daukua came to a wall of vines first. He reached out to it and only barely escaped as the wall reached out to ensnare him. He walked along the wall towards where Ugagn had went but after finding nothing, eventually went back to camp.
Ugagn came to the wall of vines last. Upon reaching it, he sent a message to Yivellor saying he found something and he was returning to camp.
Yivellor came to the wall second. He also was almost ensnared, but narrowly escaped. He asked the animals and birds how he could get over, but they had no answer for him. He travelled a considerable distance along the wall. He asked an animal if the library was through the wall and they confirmed. Yivellor approached the wall and allowed the vines to enwrap him. He made no resistance. The vines kept him for several hours until a person approached. This person questioned Yivellor and asked about the party. Yivellor stated that they seek Radamyn and his wish to enter the library. The person explained that he was a servant to Radamyn and his master did indeed wish to meet them and their party. He said he did need to take precaution though. Yivellor felt a prick and his world went dark.
After Ugagn and Daukua returned to camp, they waited but did not hear from Yivellor. Fearing he had been entrapped in the wall of vines, they decided to seek him. They left the horses and ponies and went the direction Yivellor had taken. Soon they heard someone approaching and say a figure of a man dragging what seemed to be an unconscious or dead Yivellor. Ugagn slinked off to the side and Daukua approach the man boldly. This man declared that his master, Radamyn, wished to see them and requested that Ugagn come out from the shadows. He said there is no hiding from the eyes of the animals all around them. The party approached the man and demanded to know what happened to their companion. The man responded he is a servant of Radamyn and that they required certain precautions before they would be allowed to enter the Library. The companions checked on Yivellor and he seemed to be alive, but asleep. Daukua sensed no evil with the man and assented. Ugagn was understandably cautious and concerned, but he agreed that if this was the only way to enter, that it needed to be done. The party all felt pricks on their necks.
They later woke up in stone great room in front of a fire. All their belongings had been stripped of them aside from their clothes. There were two doors in the room that were both locked. Daukua brayed out that they were awake and soon after a door opened. Radamyn walked in. He asked many questions about who they were and why they were here. The group responded back telling a truthful account of the container and riddle inside. Ugagn noted that Radamyn must already know some of this as he had gone through their possessions. Radamyn acknowledged that he had, but said that the companions would soon have their possessions back as they seemed to mean no harm. He was unable to shed any light about the riddle, but said he would allow them access to his archives as long as he is kept informed of what they find. The company assented and offered even to sell the container and scroll to Radamyn after they solve the riddle. They negotiated a price and Radamyn offered 8,000 gold that he would pay before they exit. He offered to show them to the library and their possessions. Here the story left off..


DavidHenke Ugagn

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